Artist Statement
At the heart of my practice lie themes of family, interpersonal connections and the cyclical nature of life. I explore what connects people despite social, political, and gender differences, such as Birth, Death, Pain and Love.
I frequently contemplate the concept of the home, and am interested in the attempt to find compromise, balance and stability in domestic situations.
Working primarily sculptural, my practice is inhabited by a certain sense of longing. Through materials and composition I strive to hover between permanence and ephemerality, escapist fantasy and reality.
I use a precise selection of materials; plaster, metals, fabric, wax and latex. Cohering the physical product of my work with the conceptual, my aim is to create a feeling of eerie familiarity, akin to that of a recurring dream.
The intimacy found in small and medium-sized objects is integral to my work. I do not aim to confront the viewer in a loud and overwhelming manner but to facilitate personal and silent contemplation.